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CLAAS Lexion Combines and Headers

When harvesting efficiency matters, CLAAS Lexion is the only choice.  With Lexion's full line of rotary and straw walker combines and headers, these are the most innovative and productive harvesters available.

The LEXION combine range has established a unique reputation for setting performance standards and cutting production costs. And with fuel economy, legendary Cat engines and dealer service, there is no better choice than Lexion's classes 6, 7, 8, and the only class 9.

CLAAS LEXION Rotary Combines

LEXION 500 Series:  A Lexion 500 Series combine makes sense because every minute counts at harvest time. Every function is designed to save time and effort. For starters, the LEXION 590R can harvest 80 bushels of corn in about a minute.  That's 4,800 bushels an hour. If you're a wheat grower, cut 30 bushels in about a minute or 1,800 bushels an hour. Unloading is just as fast and efficient, thanks to a 28 ft. (8.5 m) unloading auger, the longest in the industry. Unload 2.8 bushels of grain a second, or even 3.3 bushels standard on select models. The 590R and 595R boast the largest, foldable grain tank in the industry with a holding capacity of 360 bushels.


LEXION 700 Series:  There are certain top quality functions, services and solutions that CLAAS is known for, and there are superior, groundbreaking innovations found from no other manufacturer in the world but CLAAS. Systems like the APS Hybrid System, the unbeatable combination of two technologies. Or the new premier residue management options.

The performance advantage from these developments is supported by numerous other outstanding innovations, such as the new deluxe cab, offering industry-leading comfort, CEBIS with improved operating functions, TERRA TRAC with a road speed up to 25 mph (40 km/h), and ParaDyme™ guidance to make the most out of every pass. 

Once again, the LEXION is ahead of its time delivering performance and efficiency a cut above the rest, setting a convincing standard for all. In the field, on the road and in the market there is no competition.

Only CLAAS integrates both systems into one machine to achieve what other systems cannot. This powerful duo offers exclusive harvesting advantages:

--Independent threshing and separation speed adjustment
--More adaptation to changing crops and conditions
--Optimum throughput


CLAAS LEXION Straw Walker Combines

LEXION makes the world's largest straw walker combine, the LEXION 570. All of our combines share the patented and powerful APS threshing system. Straw walker separation models use 6 straw walkers for separation, assisted by the LEXION's multifinger separation system (MSS) to further agitate the material.

The newest in the CLAAS/Lexion line is the 670.



Threshing system / Width

APS / 67 in.

Residual grain separation

6 straw walkers with MSS

Grain tank volume

280 bu.

Maximum engine output (SAE)

350 hp / 261 kW


  • The new soundproofed deluxe cab provides an exceptionally quiet environment to enable you to focus on your work
  • Visual returns check from the operator's seat
  • EASY: CEBIS, CRUISE PILOT, automatic steering and CLAAS TELEMATICS provide unmatched comfort in steering, control and data management
  • Yield mapping and measurement as well as comprehensive order management


  • The revolutionary new MAXFLO draper header ensures maximum throughput
  • AUTO CONTOUR intelligently controls the header to automatically compensate for ground irregularities in the direction of travel as well as those in the transverse direction
  • MAXFLO draper headers, VARIO headers, MAXFLEX headers, Flex headers, Non-chopping corn headers, Chopping corn headers, Rake-up headers, SwathMaster pickup headers and Rice header

Threshing technology

  • Total threshing & separation area of 14,685 in²
  • 280 bushel grain tank, unload rate up to 2.8 bu/s
  • Complete line of premiere residue management solutions


  • Caterpillar C9 engines compliant with the latest emission standards
  • 50% faster working hydraulic system for increased response throughout the machine



Equipment Brochures
» Lexion 500 Series Brochure PDF 3.9 MB
» Lexion 700 Series Brochure PDF 5.9 MB


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